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about me

hi i'm wo bebebe
name: Athena Cheng
age: 12.5
gender: female(she/her/they/them)
local: Hong Kong
Relationship: single(never taken)
My email address: [email protected]
my discord username: TheReturnOfWoBebebe#1542
my JOOX ID : 229634152( I have JOOX account)
my aggie.io username: wo bebebe
My Skype username: live:.cid.5c0c318aabc90462

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    • Abuse

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    • Bad Language

    • ruin my content

    • people being call me "scratch ruiner"

    • NSFW

    • Hate art out for me

    • Pedophile

    • Rule34

    • my account get banned


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    • No hate art! You're free to draw fanart of my characters as long as it's not offensive and hateful.

    • Credits are necessary! if you've given a drawing, please at least link your art profile page. I just feel bad not crediting others.

    • Any kind of theft is completely forbidden! This includes stealing art, characters, ideas, tracing, etc. Do not roleplay with other my characters without my permission either! They're not for you to take.

    • Do not sexualize/fetishize my characters. Some of the characters are minors so don't be a pervert and/or pedo

    If you break out these rule, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

    Thank for reading ^^